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What is kundalini yoga? 

Kundalini yoga is a form of Raj or Royal yoga that was brought to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. It is the yoga of awareness. A technology to support the creative potential of human beings and the awakening of self-healing. Yogi Bhajan was called to share this ancient practice, which was before only available to royalty and yogis, to support us in the transition into the Aquarian age. The intent of kundalini yoga is to support us, clear our energy pathways, release blocks and allow our vital life force energy to flow freely to every cell in our beings. When our life force energy flows freely we feel clear, balanced, grounded and connected to our true

selves, life and the universe. We feel fully awake and alive! 


How kundalini yoga helps 

Regular Kundalini yoga practice allows us to not only survive in this time of chaos and uncertainty, but to thrive in it. As a counsellor I see too many people stuck in survival mode, unable to live and breathe freely. With regular practice do not retreat from life, we excel in it. Our self-awareness is strong and we navigate life with deep connection. Physically our vital life systems such as the nervous system are strengthened and the glandular system is balanced which promotes emotional stability, physical health and vitality. Negative patterns and unhelpful thoughts transcend into creativity and the ability to excel through life’s challenges. 


By clearing our bodies with movement, postures and breathing our life force (prana) is allowed to flow in and our elimination energy (apana) to flow out. This can be released in different ways through our channels

of elimination e.g. having a runny nose, wind, sweating in class or huge pees after class. It’s also common to release with laughing, crying and yawning. These are all normal ways the body moves energy out and are very welcome in class! 


How can it benefit you?

Most commonly people feel more empowered, clearer, happier, healthier and more connected to life. Often people can have huge shifts in their life and notice health conditions improve or go completely. Some feel they unravel and find themselves moving into a new space in their work, home life and relationships.


Practicing kundalini yoga is a life changing experience!


It’s a joy to witness the healing and change in those who come to regular classes. Kundalini yoga is a life support and a powerful healing tool for empowerment, health, happiness and divine connection.


Who can practice it?

Everyone. It is described as “householders’ yoga” and can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. There are some positions that are not recommended in pregnancy, heart conditions, or when menstruating and it’s advised to let the teacher know. Whilst you are most welcome to come to a class if you are feeling low or unwell, please be mindful of coming if you have a condition that maybe contagious and check with the teacher first.


What happens in a class?

My classes are usually 75 minutes (60 minutes in the North Berwick Ageing Well class) and a typical sequence is:


Tuning in with the mantras / Warm up exercises and/or Pranayama (breathwork) / Kriya (physical postures) / Relaxation time / Meditation / Close space 


We are encouraged to listen to our own body, beyond the mind chatter and distractions. We move beyond the limitations of the mind into knowing. Knowing when to rest, knowing when to break through. This is a practice of self-awareness and empowerment. Kundalini yoga teachers do not adjust people into postures. Instead they guide with instructions and projection. Each kriya has been instructed by Yogi Bhajan and teachers follow that exact formula. This makes it safe as we receive the teachings in the purest form. The true teachings come through the class teacher.


What do I need to bring?

Water bottle, yoga mat, comfortable clothes, a blanket and any props you need to be in a comfortable seated position. As you develop you are encouraged to wear white cotton clothes and bring a white cotton scarf – try it and see the difference! 


I’ve been really lucky to have 1-2-1 kundalini with Mel. She’s brilliant at putting you at ease and explains everything really well. Classes are fun and I always come out feeling chilled and happier! Highly recommended!


I went to Mel's class for the first time last night and it was just what I needed. Gentle, yet challenging, it made me relaxed and left me happy to take the time to go inwards and focus on my breath, body and mind - Really lovely class! Thank you!


Thank you so much for the yoga practices today, thoroughly enjoyed them. Felt very relaxed for the rest of the day.


Thank you for a beautiful morning of yoga...Please, please make this a monthly event!

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